Are Warn Winches Worth The Money?

By Derrick •  Updated: 10/18/21 •  7 min read

To venture in a vehicle, it is necessary to have several things in mind, such as being prepared for any kind of unforeseen event. One of those essential tools for this preparation is winches, and they can be costly. In that sense, are Warn Industries winches worth investing in?

Yes, Warn winches are renowned for their quality and durability, which accounts for the high price. They are a good investment, especially if you want to work with cargo or heavy vehicles. Many people have used them without damage for more than twenty years, which is a good statistic compared to other winches.

If you want to learn more about winches, what they do, what you need to know before buying one, Warn Industries, and its warranty policies, continue reading this article.

What Are The Winches?

A winch is a device used to wind, pull, release, or adjust the tension of a rope or cable, which is used to drag, lift or move objects or large quantities. It is composed of a rotating cylinder, in which the cord or rope is wound.

What Are The Uses Of Winches?

The winch is widely used in cranes, and it could even be said that it is one of the main characteristics of this type of vehicle. The winches are used to hook the rope to the underside of the cars, move a vehicle that is immobilized, or raise them on the platform of the cranes as cargo. This type of winch works automatically, where they take force hydraulically and work by winding a rope that has a hook at its outer end. This rope can add more tension, decrease it, or even change the hook for other specialized hooks that attach to specific parts of the car.

At times, off-road vehicles, which are cars that can go all types of roads even though they are not specially designed for vehicles, may be equipped with winches at the front or rear. This cable is used as a recovery method if your ATV ever finds itself in a situation where it cannot drive away, such as stuck in mud, snow, water, or rocks, where the socket is pulled to return the vehicle to a safe zone. Usually, it is a synthetic rope or a steel cable, and the winch is automatic, giving the driver the opportunity to control the power with which he wishes to operate.

Winches can also be used in air vehicles. For example, search and rescue helicopters have this device to make it easier for the rescue team to go down to search for victims in situations where it is dangerous for the aircraft to get close to the ground. Winches are also used to transport weighty cargo by air.

Outside of vehicles, winches are used in the theater to move heavy props quickly, having the opportunity to lift and hide them or carry them behind the scenes. Also, the curtains of the theaters are managed by winches so that a person can open and close these curtains without being seen by the public.

You can even use a winch in sports. With the Wakeskate winch, people are pulled into the water using a water ski or a surfboard. The cable is attached to a boat and serves to boost the speed of the person who performs the sport.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Winch?

When we choose the winch we need for our vehicle, it is essential to take into account several aspects:

First, take into account the capacity that the winch must have in relation to your vehicle. The heavier your SUV, the more resistance and power you will need in your winch. Keep in mind that the winch you have to look for must carry at least twice the weight of your vehicle or at least 75% of it.

Second, consider whether a hydraulic winch or an electric winch is more suitable for you. The hydraulic will take forces from the power steering pump of your car, and the electric will take power from its battery and its electrical system. If you are thinking of using the winch for an extended period, choose a hydraulic one because they are of higher quality, although they are more expensive. Electrics tend to fail and overheat when used excessively.

It is also good to know the type of rope that is appropriate for you: Steel ropes are more durable and hold more weight, but they can be too heavy for your vehicle. It is necessary to use gloves because it can cut you quickly, but it has more power. On the other hand, synthetic ropes are lighter, safer, and simpler to use. The problem is that they are more prone to damage, need constant maintenance, and are less resistant than steel.

What is Warn Industries?

Warn Industries is a company that sells the necessary equipment for off-road vehicles. They are commonly known for their winches, offering synthetic ropes for lighter vehicles and steel ropes for durability and power. Also, they assure that they have more than 70 years in the market, offering products that are developed with the highest possible quality, helping their clients to live adventurous experiences in a safe and complete way.

What Is The Warranty On The Warn Winches?

Warn Industries offers a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts obtained and a one-year warranty on electronic components.

Warn Industries warrants to the customer that the original mechanical winch will be free from defects in materials used and quality for the life of the product. At the same time, electronic devices will be free from defects in the material used and craft during the period of one year from the date of the original purchase of the product. Only the original buyer of the winch may claim the warranty and must provide actual and verifiable proof of the date and purchase of the winch, as well as a copy of the receipt at the time of acquisition. The warranty does not include the removal or reinstallation of the winch. The contract consists of a repair, replacement, or refund of the cost of the winch when purchased, depending on what Warn Industries deems appropriate during the warranty period. To apply, you must fill out a form with the name, number, telephone, address, serial number of the winch, the problem it presents, and the date of purchase.

The Warn Industries warranty does not apply to wire rope and synthetic rope, or if the winch was damaged by accident out of the hands of the company, misuse, modification, overload, or carelessness of the winch owner. Nor is the warranty valid if the winch serial number has been erased or cannot be identified. There is no other type of guarantee from the company. It should be noted that only the person who bought the winch has the right to make claims. Therefore, it is more advisable to buy the machinery directly from the company.


Warn Industries winches are durable and made to the highest quality. The company has all types of winches that the driver may need and describes each product. There are cheaper winches on the market, but the company stands out for its durability and quality. It is advisable to investigate the cost that require an off-road vehicle and all the preparation taken into account to do it safely. You can look for different options and compare the prices to determine which one best suits your budget.