Why Does My Jeep Wrangler Smell Like Gas?

By Derrick •  Updated: 09/04/21 •  7 min read

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular off-road vehicles in the United States. Even though this model doesn’t offer fuel economy, people love how easy it is to transform and repair. If you search “how to repair wranglers,” you will find millions of videos from people repairing them. One issue we will talk about today is the gas smell.

If your jeep wrangler smells like gas, it is because your tank is not in the proper condition. Some of the reasons include your gas system could be leaking, a tank filled over its capacity or a broken cap.

Additionally, you might perceive a gas smell if the EVAP is damaged. Keep on reading as we explain in more detail what causes your wrangler to smell like gas and how you can prevent this.

Understanding What Causes Jeeps Wranglers To Smell Like Gas

As we mentioned, some of the reasons your jeep may smell like gas are related to the tank. But, if you think about it, it is no surprise given the fact that the tank holds the fuel. Even experts suggest that you should always treat any gas smell as a tank issue.

Let’s see more details about why you could smell gas inside your jeep wrangler.

Gas System Leaks

If your gas system is leaking, you will notice a gas smell while driving. Another cue you might find is that your mileage is much lower than it used to be. There are some parts of the system that can be the source of the leak:

  • Tank leaks can usually occur in old models or jeeps that have been left out unused for a while. It doesn’t damage the vehicle, but it is a safety hazard for the driver and passengers. You can quickly solve the issue by sealing the crack or replacing the gas tank.
  • Some of the fuel lines break over time and can cause leakage. You can quickly identify if it is the case when your jeep is parked. If you see spilled fuel on the spot you parked, it means that you have a leaking fuel line. If you have basic knowledge about mechanics, you might be able to replace the lines by yourself. If you don’t feel confident enough, call a professional.

Gas Tank Filled Over Capacity

If the tank is filled over its capacity, your jeep’s engine will get more fuel than air. The excessive amount of fuel can produce an intense smell.

It is an issue that usually occurs with old jeeps because, with time, the system is not effective at identifying when it is full.

Broken Gas Tank Cap

A broken or loose cap can also cause your jeep to smell like gas. They are supposed to have an airtight seal. However, the gas cap can loosen up gradually after repeated use. Once they lose the airtight seal, it allows the fuel to evaporate into thin air.

Other Reasons

While we may have talked about the most common, there are other reasons for a gas smell inside your jeep.

  • Some people claim it is totally normal to perceive that gas smell when you start your engine. The gas smell should disappear a few minutes after you warm up your car.
  • Oil leaks are also another reason why your jeep smells like gas. Oil gets combined with fuel inside the engine to create combustion. If your vehicle is leaking some of this oil, you will feel a gas-like smell.
  • The tank nipple is another common issue you can find in the jeep wrangler, especially in 2007 or older models.

How To Solve Jeep Wrangler Gas Smell

The most effective way to solve your jeep issues is to take it to a service center. There, an expert will be able to run a diagnostic check on your vehicle.

However, if you prefer to do this by yourself, you are a lucky person. Jeeps are one of the most convenient vehicles to repair. As long as you have basic knowledge of mechanics, you can do it.

Gas Tank Filled Over Capacity [Solved]

To solve the overflow issue, you will need to get under your jeep. In the back of your vehicle, right above the rear axle, you will find the filler tube. The tube is connected directly to the tank, and it is attached with two metal clamps. Remove the metal clamps and the metal tube that has the Chrysler sticker. Once removed, replace it with the new pipe.

Gas Tank Broken Cap [Solved]

To solve a broken or loose cap, you will need to go under your jeep. Look for the EVAP canister and take out the hose and the electronic connector. Press the plastic limiter under the cap, and twist it counterclockwise. Place your new cap and plug in the hose and electronic connector.

The bright side is that the gas cap is standard amongst many other vehicles, and you can find it easily.

Other Reasons [Solved]

  • To fix the oil leak, you will need to remove the injection boot, air filter, and manifold to access the oil filter housing. The latter you will need to replace to solve the leaking issue. Before you install your new filter housing, make sure you clean up any residue you find in the engine.
  • The tank nipple can be repaired or replaced. Any solution you choose will require you to remove the tank out of the vehicle. Once you remove it, you need a metal rod that fits inside the plastic nipple. You might need to drill on the tank to make space for the rod. Apply some epoxy to seal it, and you are good to go.

How To Prevent My Jeep Wrangler Smelling Like Gas

Prevention is always the best way to avoid problems. It would be best if you took your jeep wrangler to be serviced every six months.

If you drive long distances, then you would want to measure it in miles. Once you see you are over five thousand miles, take your vehicle for a check-up.

If you drive off-road very often, then you should shorten the time between services.

If you take proper care of your jeep, an expert will find any parts that need replacement. It will keep your jeep in great shape and working longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to drive a car that smells like gas?

No, it is not. It would help if you take care of the issue as soon as you find it because it can be a safety hazard for you and your passengers. Sometimes, gas fumes get through the AC lines into your vehicle. Inhaling these fumes can cause dizziness and headaches.

Can a car gas leak cause an explosion?

Yes, it can. If gas gets in contact with electricity or fire, it will burn. When it comes to your car, it can quickly explode. Experts recommend that you never smoke inside your vehicle if it smells like gas.

Can bad spark plugs cause gas smell?

Yes, they can. Defective or loose spark plugs can cause a gas smell in your vehicle. It happens because the spark plugs are in charge of creating combustion. If they do not spark as usual, then the engine will burn less fuel at once.

Final Thoughts

If you feel like your jeep wrangler smells like gas, it is a warning that something is not quite right. You should check your tank and gas system condition. The cause can be a leak, a tank filled over its capacity, or a broken cap.

We hope this information could help you better understand why gas smells happen and how you can solve them.