Why is the Ford Ranger Raptor Not Sold in the US?

By Derrick •  Updated: 06/29/21 •  7 min read

Despite only being sold in a handful of countries, the Ford Ranger Raptor is one of the world’s most popular off-road vehicles. It boasts a powerful engine and a 4×4 transmission to pull it through almost any terrain, but US buyers can’t get their hands on it. If it’s so sought after, why isn’t it sold to a broader market?

The Ford Ranger Raptor isn’t solid in the US because it hasn’t passed the country’s emissions tests, and Ford wants customers to pursue the F150 Raptor. However, recent reports show the Ranger Raptor is likely coming to the US and other countries worldwide in 2022 or 2023.

This article will discuss various reasons the Ranger Raptor isn’t currently found in the US, whether or not you can import one, and new rumors of when it might arrive. It’ll also show why it’s illegal to obtain a Ranger Raptor in the United States and which countries sell the popular truck.

Will the Ranger Raptor Be Sold in the US?

Ford Ranger Raptors are an off-roaders dream vehicle, but they’re also cosmetically stunning and engineering marvels. Any vehicle enthusiast would love to get a chance to drive this truck, but it’s not available in the US and many other countries. However, many rumors and trustworthy sources state the Ranger Raptor might be on its way soon.

Here’s what we know about its potential arrival:

The Ranger Raptor May Become Available by 2022

Motor Authority claims a version of the Ranger Raptor might be headed to the United States as soon as 2022 to 2023. If you’re a big fan of this unique vehicle, you’ll be excited to learn it doesn’t have to downgrade to pass most of the tests. The only issue standing in its way is the emissions issues we’ll discuss in the final subheading.

Ford Sells the F150 Raptor in the US

Although US citizens can’t currently purchase or import the Ranger Raptor, they can get the more powerful F150 Raptor. This massive vehicle has more horsepower, a broader base, and several comfort features to take your off-roading and Overlanding adventures to the next level. It also offers a smooth ride on the pavement.

Current Raptor Predictions are Based on Rumors

It’s crucial to remember there’s no concrete evidence on a potential Ranger Raptor coming to the US. All sources are based on testing done in the country and new imports of Raptor parts, but nothing shows us a complete answer from the company. The best way to know if the Ranger Raptor will be sold in the US is to wait for Ford to make an official statement.

While there’s no solid evidence, it’s good to know Ford is making efforts to bring this vehicle to more countries. If you’re curious which places can purchase and drive the Ranger Raptor, review the next section.

Which Countries Sell the Ford Ranger Raptor?

Unfortunately, the Ranger Raptor isn’t sold throughout the world. In fact, there’s only a small list of countries that encourage imports. Keep in mind the list is subject to change since Ford has been testing their Raptor variants in new countries. Below, you’ll find why South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Europe offer the Ranger Raptor.

  • South Africa. Freep shows the Ford Ranger Raptor is built in South Africa, so it makes sense that it’s sold throughout the country. Very few shipping fees and access to lots of off-road and off-road driving make South Africa a no-brainer for those who love the impressive Baja-style Ranger Raptor.
  • Australia. This country is covered in open land, making it an off-roading and Overlanding paradise. Ford likely knew how popular the Ranger Raptor would be, compared with the fact that Australia isn’t as strict as the US and its surrounding countries regarding emissions tests.
  • New Zealand. Neighboring Australia, NZ also has quite a bit of open-access land. Though it’s not as big or hilly as Australia, New Zealand is an excellent place to go off-roading with a Raptor Ranger. The engine and horsepower are more than ideal for on-road driving, too.
  • According to Car Buzz, parts of Europe sell the Ranger Raptor. Some countries allow imports, but people are finding ways to drive these trucks over country borders without a problem. Before importing a vehicle, always ensure it passes the country’s emissions tests and has the proper permits.

Again, there’s a high chance the United States will introduce some form of the Ranger Raptor within a couple of years. Whether or not they bring the same engine is a different subject entirely. Many customers are curious if they can ship or drive the Ranger Raptor from outside of the country. If you want to know about the legalities of imports, read on.

Is the Ranger Raptor Illegal in the US?

You can’t buy the Ranger Raptor in the US, which is quite unfortunate. However, some people own them without facing issues. If you know anyone with one of these vehicles in the US, they have to keep it on their property since it’s not introduced legally.

Let’s explore five reasons the Ranger Raptor isn’t common in the United States.

  1. The Ranger Raptor doesn’t pass US emissions tests. According to Motor Biscuit, the 2.0 turbodiesel engine isn’t allowed in the States, which presents quite the challenge. Ford would have to downgrade the engine or convert it to gasoline (or electric since some states prefer this option), which might ruin its performance.
  2. Ford likely wants US consumers to focus on the previously mentioned F150 Raptor. Motor Trend explains the F150 Raptor has an astounding 450 horsepower that packs a punch in on-road and off-road driving. If you’re looking for power, the Ranger won’t come close to the currently available F150 model.
  3. The Ranger Raptor would need legal approval, though it wouldn’t be challenging. Ford needs to get the required permits from the US, but they could likely get it done in a matter of months. Most consumers believe Ford is taking their time because they know people will rely on the F150 Raptor and other Ford models.
  4. You can’t import a Ranger Raptor to the United States yet. Importing one of these vehicles would be breaking countless laws and recommendations since it faces the prior three factors. Even if you got it into the US, you could only use it for viewing it on your property. It’s not quite worth the investment for many people.
  5. Many states are cracking down on smog-producing diesel engines, which could make things difficult for Ford’s Ranger Raptor series. The California Governor’s office recently disclosed a new plan to get rid of gas-powered vehicles by 2035, making Ranger Raptor imports challenging for the state.

All we can do is wait until Ford passes the required tests and obtains the proper permits. There’s no doubt they’ve heard their customer’s calls and complaints to receive the Ranger Raptor, so stay tuned for more information regarding potential manufacturing and shipping dates throughout the country. Who knows? You might be able to own a Ranger Raptor next year!


Ford has plenty of reasons to introduce the Ranger Raptor to US markets, so it’s only a matter of time until consumers can access this high-end off-road vehicle. For now, US buyers can get the F150 Raptor, which isn’t too bad, consider it packs loads of power and a similar 4×4 transmission. The primary focus is switching or modifying the emissions issues Ford faces.